Torrgas is a privately held technology company that has developed a disruptive, proprietary biomass gasification technology. The basic philosophy behind the technology development is to create a techno-economic solution to produce biobased drop-in building blocks for the synthesis of platform chemicals and fuels. The Torrgas process is exclusively designed on the application of torrefied biomass as feedstock. Torrgas has shown that the application of torrefied biomass in downstream gasification creates the opportunity to build smaller, cheaper and more efficient modular gasifiers. Typically – when the energy transition is discussed – the focus is on the transition of the production of power. Wind, hydro, solar & geothermal energy solutions have shown spectacular, by the clear majority unpredicted, costs reductions with grid parity or outperformance in a constantly increasing number of countries. But the power transition is only 20 – 30% of the total energy transition. Until now, the remaining 70 – 80% of the energy transition has been underexposed. This vast part of the energy transition is related to the petrochemical industry. To make the energy transition successful, a sustainable solution for the petrochemical industry transition is crucial. For this transition one need to replace current fossil-based feedstock with a sustainable hydrocarbon feedstock, creating a new sustainable chemical industry. If we cannot find a sustainable solution based on an available hydrocarbon feedstock for this 70 – 80% of the energy portfolio, we will not be able to comply with current and future climate goals.

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