The essence of the Torrgreen value proposition is to unlock the value of herbaceous biomass by torrefaction. So far, most proven torrefaction technologies have been developed on torrefaction of wood-based biomass. But there is a better hydrocarbon feedstock available to us: herbaceous biomass. 

In availability, sustainability and economics, herbaceous biomass is a more attractive feedstock than wood-based biomass. But because of the more difficult processing of herbaceous biomass in a torrefaction reactor, so far, no developer has been able to develop a commercial torrefaction technology for herbaceous biomass. Therefore, this huge market potential of herbaceous biomass remains unlocked so far. For example, global rice-straw co-production is estimated far over 800 million tons per year. At a bulk density of 60-80 kg/m3 a torrefaction solution should meet the criteria of being modular, transportable and low costs. This herbaceous biomass technology development opportunity was recognized by EoN and TU Delft in 2011 and after completion of the PhD program Torrgreen continued this development. Torrgreen has now developed a state-of-the art torrefaction technology to enable the commercial production of bio-coals using herbaceous based biomass as a feedstock. The technology Torrgreen has developed is containerized, low cost and capable of torrefaction of almost any ligno-cellulosic feedstock. By unlocking the huge potential of herbaceous biomass, the Torrgreen torrefaction technology allows for the most efficient production of high-quality bio-coals.